Service concept

Preventive service

Your test benches have cost a lot of money. Now they are supposed to operate reliably and without disruptions. For this they earned a periodic service. A preventive service of your test benches in sensible intervals significantly increases their long term availability. Furthermore you are always aware about the current state of your test benches. Depending on the complexity of the system between one and four days are necessary to minimize the risk of damage and unscheduled standstill. We service all engine and vehicle test benches in development departments. We are looking forward to making you an offer that suits your individual needs.

Our scope of services:

  • Recording of the current condition of mechancis, electrics, hard- and software
  • Functional checks of all safety-related components
  • Cleaning, lubrication
  • Calibration of measuring points, adjustment if needed
  • Functional checks of measuring devices of any kind
  • Recording of bearing condition via vibration analysis
  • Replacement of wear parts, filters and operating fluids
  • Data backup
  • Analysis and illustration of potential for optimiziation

Calibration and adjustment

Test benches as measuring tools are supposed to deliver reliable results.This is only possible if all the used devices are measuring correctly, of course not perfect, but with a know and acceptable deviation. We can help in exactly this area: BETA Dyn is establishing all the deviations of your measuring chains (calibration) and intervenes (adjustment) accordingly, if the deviation is too high.


All of our procedures are done on-site and are derived from DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. We use traceable measurement standards and act according to all applying standards. Our reports are on the same level as the ones of an accredited laboratory.

Measurands and devices:

  • Torque
  • Rotational speed / velocity
  • Temperature (thermocouples, resistance thermometers)
  • Pressure (air, -1 ... 20 bar rel., 0 ... 20 bar abs.)
  • Voltage / current
  • Isolation, resistance at high voltage
  • Frequency
  • Humidity
  • Opacimeter
  • Smokemeter

Special appliances

SensyflowReferenzFurthermore we developed special appliances for various customers to calibrate air flow, fuel flow, blowby and more directly at the test bench. A calibration on-site often saves time and money as the tool to be calibrated does not have to be sent in to the manufacturer.

We supply a detailed report on any of our services including all activities done, results measured and anomalities found.

Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Asynchronous machines

BETA Dyn supplies asynchronous machines for use in both, engine and vehicle test benches. We deliver a complete system including motor, frequency converter, torque measuring device, cables and accessories.


Vehicle test benches

We deliver customer specific vehicle test benches of different types and sizes.



We swap all components of your test bench to a thought-out overall, state of the art solution.


Preventive service

Your test benches have cost a lot of money. Now they are supposed to operate reliably and without disruptions...